Tutela Industries is a privately held business/technology incubation company with a focus on Healthcare.  Its primary mission is to match business opportunities with research projects or new uses of existing technologies and develop them into early stage start-up operations.   The outcome is designed to give innovative research and/or business ideas a higher probability of proving their commercial viability. 

Our company works with Researchers, Research Laboratories, and Universities along with a wide range of entities to identify early stage research and technologies which will benefit from the company’s expertise.  The company will often take either an early licensing option or an equity stake in the technology or venture.  Once engaged, we help shape the early stages of the research such that it will also answer commercial questions designed to address future regulatory, manufacturing and market challenges.  The goal is to identify and reduce commercial risk for the technology or business idea early in its research phase.

Tutela also offers consulting services on a limited basis where it believes it can add value.

CLINICIANS:  We are currently seeking clinical input into products designed to assist in the care of the neurologically “at risk” neonate. 
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