The communication platform for team based care.

We all want simpler secure ways to engage families and patients. If you need to communicate with remote caregivers while your patient is still in the ICU, itutela is here to help. We seamlessly connect the patients’ entire circle of care in a timely and HIPAA capable manner to the bedside. So you can spend more time caring for your patients.
  Building safer systems for better care.
​Evidence-based data demonstrates that bedside communication tools improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance- from significant improvements in HCAPHS to reductions in in 30 day readmissions and average length of stay.  Itutela expands the possibilities of personalized care to address each challenge using a secure and HIPAA compliant communications and collaboration platform. Through simple integration with your practice workflow, a straightforward secure connection to he patients' entire care team can be established. Social media styled communications enable video, voice, chat and text capabilities while allowing clinical teams to maintain a bedside presence.
We securely connect...
the patient's entire circle of care.
antiquated technologies like paper, phone and text and ubiquitous technologies like the electronic health record keep information locked up and fragmented. We've built ituela to be secure, simple and engaging. The goal is to transform how critical care clinicans engage, empower and connect the patients care team to improve outcomes.