NICULink is portable wireless device that connects seamlessly to the TutelaConnect Platform. It securely and with HIPAA Compliance communicates data, audio and video to any virtual caregiver on any device. Specifically designed to meet neonatal intensive care workflows while enhancing communications and to help foster family centered care.
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NICULink    -  Bedside Video Conferencing Made Easy 
Bedside Clinicians can initiate a ClinicalLink Session or a FamilyLink Session
Voice and Video 
Communications between 
Bedside and Remote 
Clinicians / Transport Teams 
Voice and Video Communications 
between Bedside Clinicians and 
Remote Family Members such as 
Hospitalized Mothers
Monitor Flashes to indicate 
Incoming Calls and Stays Lit to 
Indicate Live Sessions
Once initiated by an 
Authorized Bedside 
Clinician, Parents can 
see live video of their 
baby and speak to them 
via VOIP from their 
Hospital Bed or Home
​Notice: Patent Pending; Certain features are optional and may not be available; Specifications are 
subject to change without notice; NICULink in intended to enhance existing  communication protocols. 
and is not intended to replace the need for medical personnel to visit the bedside. 
Bedside Monitor
IT System 
2nd Video 
Data Views from 
Bedside Monitors or 
Hospital IT Systems
Neonate Views