NICULink is an innovative device designed for enhancing communications in the clinical setting 
between bedside clinicians and remote clinicians as well as to help foster family centered care. To 
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We understand each hospital or healthcare system has unique needs, which is why the NICULink is designed
 to accommodate a wide range of technical requirements. Before a system is sold, we will help ensure the
 system selected by your hospital:

  • ​meets your hospital's policy on HIPPA Compliance;
  • is compatible with your hospital's Information Technology policies and infrastructure; and 
  • can be easily integrated into and will enhance your clinical and family centered care processes. 

As bedside communication devices are a relatively new technology, the company requires that before a 
hospital acquires a NICULink system a multi disciplined team from the hospital agree and sign off on the 
products configuration within the health care system . 

Through its "Clinical Link" sessions the NICULink is designed to enable real-time communications between:
  • ​Clinical teams before the transfer of a "high risk" neonate
  • Clinicians at the bedside and remotely located Clinical Specialist such as Neurologist or Cardiologist 

Through its "Family Link" sessions the NICULink is designed to enable real-time ​communications between:
  • ​Clinicians at the bedside of a transferred neonate and the mother who is confined to the maternity area
        of the hospital or remains hospitalized at the birth center
  • Clinicians and/or Family Members at the neonate's bedside and remotely located Family Members or 
        Family Members in a viewing area 

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